Stargate SG-1 6.21 – Prophecy

Last time, we had a guest appearance from actor Robert Foxworth, and this time we have an episode called “Prophecy,” and forty-odd years ago, Robert Foxworth starred in a monster movie called Prophecy that I watched repeatedly on HBO as a kid. OK, that’s tenuous even for a silly coincidence-loving geek like me, but it made me giggle.

Anyway, this “Prophecy” follows up on the events of “Metamorphosis” earlier in the season, and reveals that the dead villain Nirrti’s final experiments had been on our hero Jonas, and left him with limited powers of precognition in the form of an ugly tumor that is slowly killing him. Hopefully he has a chance to help the people of a planet enslaved by another Goa’uld before they have to surgically remove the tumor.

So our kid really enjoyed most of this installment. There are a couple of swell gunfights and a good mystery about how Jonas’s power can be used to their advantage, but he really didn’t like the surgery scenes, and, weirdly, he didn’t like the actor who played the villain, saying “His face unnerves me.” That’s Victor Talmadge as Lord Mot, another one-and-done Goa’uld, above. SG-1 don’t kill this one themselves; one of the enslaved people on the planet gets him with O’Neill’s sidearm.

Amusingly, while our son can’t recognize actor’s faces worth a darn, he did recognize a prop, which is almost as cute in my book. The “concussion grenade” bomb had been used previously in a season five episode, “Proving Ground”.

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