Stargate SG-1 5.13 – Proving Ground

I was initially a little petulantly annoyed that this episode came up in the rotation, because it’s in the way of three really good ones. It’s not bad at all, and it does introduce a new recurring character, Lt. Elliot, played by Courtenay J. Stevens, who will become important in a couple of the really good ones which we will see next week. And there are a couple of amusing twists and it was fun to watch our son try and put the pieces together.

The story seems to have been made to give lighter work for most of the regulars; Col. O’Neill gets to lead four trainees against a possible foothold incursion. One of them is Haley, who we met last season in “Prodigy” and one who never appears in this show again is a character played by Grace Park, who went on to star in Battlestar Galactica and Hawaii Five-O. Naturally it’s all another training exercise, but our son didn’t figure that out until enough clues had stacked up, and it had the right amount of action and shootouts to keep him satisfied.

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