Stargate SG-1 6.16 – Metamorphosis

This is pretty interesting. The villain Nirrti only appeared in a handful of prior Stargate episodes, but she’s been mentioned much more often, making her seem like a greater presence in the show than she actually was. For her final outing, it was actually the actress Jacqueline Samuda who developed and co-wrote the story with James Tichenor, one of the production crew. I wonder whether there have been many other examples of a recurring guest star writing themselves out of their series?

Nirrti has been the villain interested in genetic engineering, and this time she’s been posing as a god and promising to heal or cure a small village from a plague, while actually giving them telekinetic and telepathic powers but leaving them in deformed and mutated bodies. Right at the end, our son, who really enjoyed this one, suddenly spotted that one of the villagers has a third eye on the side of his head. The makeup team did appropriately gruesome work on the villagers, but I most appreciated that Nirrti, as befits a character who ruled some region of India centuries before, has a light show in her machine that evokes the brilliant colors that we might have expected from a tapestry woven in those times.

The kid also spotted that the series’ body count of dead Goa’uld System Lords continued to increase with Nirrti being killed by one of her creations. I figured it must be nine or ten; the Stargate Wiki at says she’s the ninth, but she’s got another trick left behind to screw with things from beyond the grave, as we’ll see in a couple of weeks…

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