Into the Labyrinth 1.5 – Conflict / 1.6 – Revolution

Into the Labyrinth was shown in North America along with four other programs on Nickelodeon as part of an anthology series called The Third Eye. We’ve watched one of the others already – the remarkable Children of the Stones – but sadly, it looks like we won’t get a chance to watch the other three serials. Under the Mountain was an eight-part serial made by TVNZ. It was released on DVD, but it’s out of print and I haven’t found a copy yet. If I do run into one in the next couple of years, we’ll certainly blog about it.

Unfortunately, the master tapes of The Haunting of Cassie Palmer and The Witches and the Grinnygog were destroyed after the network that produced them, TVS, was sold in the late eighties. You can watch a very ropey bootleg of Palmer on YouTube, and that’s possibly as good as we’re going to get it. One alternative is that maybe in some warehouse somewhere, Nickelodeon kept their own masters of The Third Eye. If so, I hope that someone at Nick would drop a line to the good people at Kaleidoscope. They would probably love to help repatriate and restore these two shows.

As for Labyrinth, with each new time zone, and each new reason to run around in a cave, our son starts each episode a little confused and honestly bored, but he comes around with enthusiasm and laughter as the action starts, and he does love the magic and the explosions.

Episode five is set in England in the 1640s and episode six in rural France during the reign of terror. I had wondered whether we’d start bumping into any recognizable character actors in this show, and suddenly we found two: Ewen Solon as a roundhead colonel and John Abineri as one of Robespierre’s thugs. Ron Moody and Pamela Salem get to dress up in new costumes in each new time period; the poor kids are stuck in their monk robes every week.

3 thoughts on “Into the Labyrinth 1.5 – Conflict / 1.6 – Revolution

  1. Thanks for helping me with my really foggy childhood memories. I thought there had been five serials that had been shown under the umbrella of The Third Eye, but I could only ever remember four of them. The fifth I could not recall was The Witches and the Grinnygog, and even with you supplying the title I still cannot remember a single thing about it. It’s unfortunate to learn that the master tapes for both it and The Haunting of Cassie Palmer were destroyed.

    As for Under the Mountain, that’s one I’ve wanted to rewatch for many years. When I was a little kid I thought it was really scary, with the “mud monster” alien invaders. I have no idea how effective it would be if I saw it today, and for all I know it would look cheap & cheesy, but I’d still like to have the opportunity to revisit it at some point.

    I actually do have Children of the Stones on DVD, but I never finished watching it. Maybe I should dig it out again.

    1. You’re not the first person to tell me that they didn’t remember the Grinnygog serial. Apparently it was added to the rotation after The Third Eye had run the others a few times already.

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