Stargate SG-1 7.14 – Fallout

“Hey, it’s the Mole!” our kid said, and he’s not far wrong. Give me or him a great big underground tunneling machine with a big ol’ drill on the front, and we’re going to see the Mole.

This morning’s episode is a final appearance for Corin Nemec as Jonas Quinn. Having been written out of the show with Michael Shanks’ return at the beginning of the season, he came up with a story to get the team back to his home planet for another mission. Jonas’s planet has three constantly-squabbling nation-states, and experiments with the planet’s super-Macguffin looks like they’re going to end up causing an extinction-level event. Interestingly, all the negotiations come down to offering to resettle the population on the planet Madrona, which was visited briefly once way back in season two. You’d think a much more sensible solution would be to evacuate each nation-state to its own uninhabited planet, but the diplomats are so mad at each other about whose fault this is that they can barely bring themselves to entertain it.

The episode was shot during a period where Richard Dean Anderson was spending more time in Los Angeles and less in Vancouver, so they found a fine way to keep him offscreen for most of this one. The bickering diplomats drive Jack so crazy that General Hammond okays him getting up and leaving! Overall, it’s a pretty cute story, and it’s nice to see Corin Nemec one last time.

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