The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. 1.16 – Bounty Hunters’ Convention

In the late 1980s, Ian Oglivy started showing up as a guest in American TV shows. He eventually moved to California and became the token British actor in just about every US show in the 1990s when Christopher Neame wasn’t available: Burke’s Law, JAG, Diagnosis: Murder. In tonight’s episode, he plays a stiff-upper-lipped bounty hunter who apparently used to be a policeman. Because of the limited way we Americans understand the Metropolitan Police, he just says something about Scotland Yard; that’s good enough.

The episode is a typical And Then There Were None story with a small hotel full of colorful bounty hunters, isolated on an island with no ship, being picked off one at a time. The mystery of the killer’s identity shouldn’t tax any adults in the audience. The real mystery is why nobody invited Crystal Hawks to the convention! Our son was only mildly thrilled by this one. It’s nowhere near silly and fun enough.

Neat deathtrap note: I’m confident that our son wouldn’t remember it, but at one point, one of the good guys is tied up behind a target so that one of his friends will unwittingly shoot him to death. I was reminded of the terrific and similar trap that was used as the cliffhanger when the Penguin once strung up Batman and Robin behind his shooting gallery. Hmmm. Wonder who’ll they cast as the Penguin if he ever shows up on Batwoman?

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