Batman 1.21 – The Penguin Goes Straight

Proving, as ever, that the people of Gotham City are suckers, the Penguin pulls enough good deeds to open a protection agency. Of course, the good deeds come at the cost of hiring bad guys to take the fall for him.

The funniest thing about this episode is how Batman makes one incredibly dumb move after another, and how Robin becomes the voice of reason, suggesting that maybe breaking into socialite Sophia Starr’s safe to replace her jewelry with fakes is probably not a good idea. So the Dynamic Duo are charged with breaking and entering, and Commissioner Gordon has to warn our heroes not to attend the Penguin Protective Agency’s party at Gotham’s amusement pier because he’ll have to arrest them. They don’t go as Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson to keep an eye on things; they go in costume, get clobbered by a cement-filled umbrella, and, in a terrific cliffhanger, get strung up behind the shooting gallery for Gordon and O’Hara to kill.

Another one of Batman’s bright ideas involves sending Alfred, disguised as an insurance agent from, ahem, “Floyd’s of Dublin” to take pictures of Starr’s jewelry so that he can make duplicates. Alfred’s also instructed to switch cigarette holders with Penguin – the phony has a bug in it. This is the second Penguin story and the second time that he’s alerted to the bug with a bug detection device. Hey, Dark Knight Detective: the Penguin’s onto you.

A lot of this episode really went over Daniel’s head, prompting me to pause three times to explain what was going on. I did ask, “Do you think that the Penguin’s really a good guy?” and he said “No! He and the Riddler are going to climb up buildings!” Did somebody tell him that we’ll be watching a movie with these characters in a month or so?


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