The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. 1.4 – No Man’s Land

“No Man’s Land” is one of four Brisco County stories to be written or co-written by Tom Chehak, and the first of two to deal with the vulgar, stupid, but occasionally competent Swill Brothers. That’s the gang of ne’er-do-wells who shot Brisco about thirteen years previously, as recounted in the last episode, which is pretty nice continuity. Everybody’s paths cross in a former ghost town that’s been brought back to life as a planned utopia for women, and Denise Crosby, who guest starred in everything around that time, plays the sheriff. Crosby had most recently co-starred with Fisher Stevens and Jennifer Tilly in a clone/copy of Northern Exposure called Key West which had run on Fox in the first half of 1993.

But the most important thing to our kid was the B-plot, in which Lord Bowler tries to recapture a stolen, experimental mobile battle wagon. “It’s a tank!” our son smiled as Bowler looked over the blueprints – upside down. Naturally, the tank makes its way to the women’s town, and gets to show off its 70mm cannon with a few good explosions that made an already entertaining episode a roaring success with him.

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