The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. 1.6 – Riverboat

Takes a little bit of moxie to call your episode “Riverboat” when it doesn’t actually have a real riverboat in it. The only ones that we see are a matte painting and some library footage!

Well, I think our son forgave me for last night’s frightfest. “That was REALLY good,” he volunteered, after 45 minutes of Brisco, dressing quite a lot like Bret Maverick, pulls off a con that includes a crooked card game and a fixed fight in order to get an untouchable bad guy played by Xander Berkeley into position for a great sting. And then Dixie Cousins arrives in town like a bomb going off, disrupting everybody’s schemes. There’s not a lot of comedy this time, but between all the fisticuffs and our heroes being two steps ahead of their opponent, our kid liked this one a lot. He did, however, qualify that it still wasn’t as great as “No Man’s Land,” because that one had a tank in it.

2 thoughts on “The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. 1.6 – Riverboat

    1. 1989-94, though I hung around Athens until 2001 or so. If you picked up The Red & Black your freshman year, you might have read me urging everyone to stay home and watch Brisco; I was on the entertainment staff that year.

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