Eerie, Indiana 1.18 – Zombies in P.J.s

I do love the recurring background gags in Eerie, Indiana. Once again, we find copies of Eerie magazine all over the place, but we also see that the town seems to have a favorite drink sold at the World o’Stuff: cornade. I tried ketchup slaw for the first time earlier this evening. Of course I’m interested in cornade. Can’t be any worse than Cel-Ray, and Dr. Brown’s sells gallons of that stuff, somehow.

Anyway, tonight’s episode sees Rene Auberjonois swinging through town with a devilishly good sales pitch for the World o’Stuff that has everybody in town shopping while sleepwalking. To combat the all-powerful subliminal advertising, Marshall and Simon stay up all night slapping each other in the face to stay awake. This was our son’s favorite scene by a mile, and he was very amused to see it reprised over the end credits.

Then I told him that the next episode is the final one, and I think his little heart broke in two. But don’t worry, readers, this show’s going out with a bang.

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