The Goodies 9.4 – Bigfoot

I’m taking the day off to stay home with our son, who’s recovering from the flu, and asked him what he wanted to watch. Before he settled down with the second disk of Eerie, Indiana, he said “Hey, can we watch a new Goodies?” Glad he’s feeling better!

The seven episodes made for LWT sometimes get overlooked, and I only found the first three sporadically entertaining, but “Bigfoot” is pretty hilarious. It starts with Bill and Tim watching the latest episode of The Mysterious World of Arthur C. Clarke. I not sure whether we ever got this show in America, but we did get the uncannily similar In Search Of, so while our son was guffawing over the slapstick, I was roaring over the explanations provided for Stonehenge and frog rains and the Loch Ness Monster. An abominable snowman takes a bite out of Clarke’s overpriced tie-in book, and when Graeme insists that Clarke himself isn’t real and there’s no empirical evidence as to his existence, Tim goes off to make his own television series searching for any elusive proof that people may have seen Clarke in the wild.

Eventually, all three Goodies make their way to an Arthur C. Clarke theme park in the Canadian Rockies to find UFOs and other unexplained phenomena, and of course Graeme needs to be there if they’re actually to find Clarke. It kind of falls apart at the end, as the slapstick and silly costumes overwhelm everything else, but for those first fifteen minutes of seventies paranormal nonsense, this was as funny as The Goodies at its peak.

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