Catweazle 1.6 – The Magic Face

The previous episode of Catweazle didn’t have many belly laughs, but this one sure did. Our son really enjoyed the slapstick in this one, and there’s a deliciously funny bit that the grownups both liked regarding Catweazle’s misunderstanding of the word capture, in an artistic sense.

In this one, Carrot is concerned when a photographer who’s shooting the derelict cottage on the family farm gets a snap of the old wizard. But Catweazle’s concerned for a different reason: he concludes that to own an image of somebody is to own them outright. So he glumly prepares himself for a life of servitude to the woman with a magic box, which suits her. She thinks he has such an expressive face that he’ll make a terrific model, and if he wants to help around the household as well, that’s just fine with her!

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