Sid and Marty Krofft Update from Comic-Con 2017

Some very neat news was quietly announced earlier today at San Diego’s Comic-Con, where Sid and Marty Krofft held their annual panel, this time with actor David Arquette and producer Bradley Zweig in tow. They showed a sizzle reel, but they don’t seem to have uploaded it to YouTube yet, so apologies for the poor quality of the photo below.

* 2015’s Electra Woman & Dyna Girl film with Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart got a bit that says “New series and film coming soon,” but they didn’t elaborate on it. The movie actually debuted as a web series, so I’m not sure whether this was an old visual just reminding the audience they’re still active and busy, or if more material with Helbig and Hart is in the works.

* The Sigmund & the Sea Monsters series for Amazon was featured with clips from last summer’s pilot. The series, as reported by Taylor Blackwell last month, will begin streaming in November. I can’t wait!

* The Kroffts have shot a pilot for a reboot of The Bugaloos. This is for Nickelodeon, as announced here. The clips from the pilot featured new versions of the classic characters Courage, Joy, IQ, Harmony, Benita Bizarre, Funky Rat, Woofer, Tweeter, and Sparky. Courage appears to be a girl in this version. Benita Bizarre is played by actress Lise Simms.

* Mutt & Stuff has wrapped production after 73 episodes.

* Further in the future: they’re working on a revamp of D.C. Follies with the title Fake News at the Trump Motel.

* And, inevitably, there’s supposed to be another attempt at Land of the Lost, this time as a one-hour show written and/or produced by Akiva Goldsman. Memo to Sid and Marty: phone David Gerrold. Now.

3 thoughts on “Sid and Marty Krofft Update from Comic-Con 2017

  1. I would love to hear your opinion on the new Bugaloos series when it starts airing. The lady playing Benita Bizarre in the pilot clips was just fabulous Lise Simms I believe The visuals were just breathtaking, In my opinion I was disappointed with the reimagined Funky Rat and the Bugaloos kids were cute but they just didn’t have British accents. Sparky was adorable though

    1. If Nick buys the show, we will certainly watch and blog about at least a few episodes. I’m worried that it’s aimed at preschoolers; my six year-old has already outgrown his beloved PAW Patrol, so he may not be interested in something that skews so young. He still enjoys some of the other Nick Jr. shows, like Mutt & Stuff and Rusty Rivets. I wish them the best, but I wish they were chasing the 8-11 year old demographic and not the littler ones.

      That’s an interesting point about their lack of accents. Of course, the original series was informed by the British Invasion and bubblegum rock, so it wasn’t surprising that they would cast performers from the UK in 1970. Nobody does that these days, so they’re missing out on a potentially interesting hook by casting American children as the Bugaloos. Thanks for the comment!

      1. Thank you for your reply, The Kroffts did say (at one of their latter Comic Con’s) the new Bugaloos would be geared towards preschoolers. I really think this show could bring in an adult audience if they had the original Bugaloos make a cameo or guest star in an episode or two.

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