Ultraman 1.35 – The Monster Graveyard

After the previous story’s screwball comedy, the suit actors got a chance to show off in this one. Using body language, this week’s monster, Seabozu, gets to stomp around as a bored, restless, and lonely toddler having a tantrum and missing his parents. Ultraman gets in the act as well, sternly pointing the way he wants the monster to stomp, and even giving an exasperated shrug to the camera!

It’s a really odd story, done in the usual hamfisted manner, but strange and clever. It turns out that there’s a region of space called the Ultra Zone, where all the beasts that Ultraman has destroyed live on in spirit form in peace and quiet. Learning this, our heroes get a little guilty about helping to blow them up and call in some monks to hold a memorial service in their headquarters. Of course, it descends into wrestling and explosions, and it’s a shame they couldn’t quite throw out the rulebook just for one week and explore this bizarre premise a little more deeply.

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