Ark II 1.13 – The Cryogenic Man

I’m again impressed by the guest casting on this show, with actors you wouldn’t expect would show up on a kids’ sci-fi series. This time, it’s Jim Backus and John Fielder. Both men played dozens of roles in the seventies. Fielder, apart from everything else he did, was a regular patient on The Bob Newhart Show and had a recurring part as Gordy in Kolchak: The Night Stalker, but he’s probably best known as the voice of Piglet for Disney. Backus had also been in everything, and had worked for Filmation before on an episode of The Ghost Busters the previous season.

In this episode, they play men from the distant past of the 1980s who had been cryogenically frozen. Backus is, of course, the rich guy and Fielder his subordinate. Backus is unethical, doesn’t understand ecology, and thinks the Ark II crew are a bunch of bureaucrats.

2 thoughts on “Ark II 1.13 – The Cryogenic Man

  1. I loved John Fielder in “Night of the Meek,” probably one of the few Twilight Zone episodes with a lighter ending than usual (it’s also now a Christmas perennial at our house). His CV could probably circle the globe, with all he has done.

    The other day, Turner Classic Movies aired the discovered-on-HBO cult classic Midnight Madness. He was one of the first neighbors to complain about the noise at Game Control, only to be won over by Leon and company. (Incidentally, TCM treated the property with a lot more respect than I was expecting- remastered to the best of its ability…)

    1. I forgot all about Midnight Madness. That was a fun movie. I also loved the similar TAG: The Assassination Game, which HBO also played all the time in the mid-80s.

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