Batman 3.6 – The Unkindest Tut of All

This is a terrific episode. Writer Stanley Ralph Ross is at his absolute best, giving Batman all sorts of civic-minded square and hoary exclamations to the no-goodniks of Gotham City, and not only does Adam West nail all of the overacting, he gets to share lots of screen time with Victor Buono in this episode.

Buono has an absolute ball yelling and sneering at Batman. At the end of the episode, he’s pronounced Bruce Wayne a “deadly dull socialite lump,” trying to warn Barbara Gordon off from returning to their interrupted date that opens the episode. That was a fine afternoon at an accordion recital, listening to “Lady of Spain” eight times.

For all his unbelievable stupidity, King Tut becomes the first villain to absolutely be certain that Bruce Wayne and Batman are the same, and even a silly only-on-TV trick with a supposed dummy Batman doesn’t completely persuade him that he’s wrong. He hates Batman for being so square, and hates Bruce Wayne for being so dull, and doesn’t quite get that they’re two sides of the same coin.

Daniel was not at his best this evening, and, worried for Batgirl’s safety, he ran and hid behind the sofa when she arrived to take on King Tut by herself. He remains a little concerned that she and Robin might get into too much trouble without Batman to save the day.

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