MacGyver 4.18 – Renegade

About the only thing I can tell you about Babylon 5 is that the two principal characters from the Centauri world were played by Peter Jurasik and Stephen Furst. Jurasik got to appear in MacGyver‘s first season and Furst got a turn in this one. He plays a nervous Phoenix Foundation scientist whose lab has been infiltrated. One of MacGyver’s old friends has gone rogue and stolen a vial of anthrax.

This one’s got spy ninja stuff and dirt bikes and fights, so our son enjoyed it, but it’s all stupidly predictable and tedious, and the story never gives us any reason to hope MacGyver’s renegade buddy comes to his senses. This was a very ponderous hour of television.

It’s not, however, the last MacGyver that we’ll watch. I agreed to forty episodes, and we’ve reached that now, but since our son enjoys this show so much, we’ll rotate in a few selections from season five a few months down the line. So stick around, there will be more to come!