Worzel Gummidge 4.3 – The Jumbly Sale

Here’s a little bit of keeping it in the family. He’s not credited in the episode, and not even at IMDB, but according to Stuart Manning’s indispensable The Worzel Book, that’s Sean Pertwee as one of the silent guard scarecrows who are about to throw Worzel onto the compost heap. He was about 17 at the time and didn’t have a credited role for another six years after this.

“The Jumbly Sale” is another one with Aunt Sally being remarkably cruel and hurtful to Worzel, but her appearance in the story is pretty hilarious. Throughout the first three series, Michael Ripper’s character of Mr. Shepherd has been insisting that his aunt sally is a valuable antique, but he’s finally given up trying to sell her and is tired of her constantly moving around and ending up where she isn’t meant to be, and has donated her to the village’s charity garage sale. She gets sold to a local fellow called Gypsy Joe, “rescued” by Worzel, and, like a bad penny, ends up at Mr. Shepherd’s house again. This time, he locks her in the attic, hoping that the blasted thing can’t cause him any more trouble. Doubt that!

Young Indiana Jones 2.2 – Germany, 1916

Picking up from the previous episode’s cliffhanger ending, tonight’s installment is the big prison break episode. Both parts were originally shown in the US on ABC during The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles‘ truncated run on Monday nights in the fall of 1992. It’s really entertaining. Indy and another member of his Belgian company, who had been captured at the Somme, take the identities and uniforms of two French officers who didn’t survive the transportation behind the lines. Unfortunately for Indy, the man he’s pretending to be has made one too many escape attempts, so they ship him to a maximum security prison for “incorrigibles.” Fortunately, if there’s one man who can break out of any prison, it’s Indiana Jones. Unfortunately, he’s only seventeen at this point…

Among the guest cast this week, a famous French actor called HervĂ© Pauchon plays one of Indy’s fellow captives, Charles de Gaulle. Sean Pertwee plays a German officer, and we’ll see another member of the Pertwee family in the show a little while down the line. Julian Firth plays an imprisoned British officer, which is interesting because Firth has a completely different part in a couple of other episodes later on!