Young Indiana Jones 1.2 – Tangiers, 1908

After Lucas and his team decided to turn the completed hour-long TV episodes of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles into films for home video, they reassembled the cast to put together a few more parts. The Tangiers segment of the first movie is one of these. It was made several years after the Egypt segment. Corey Carrier was about eleven years old when they shot the Egypt part in 1991. He was perhaps eighteen when they shot the Tangiers story.

It’s a remarkably grim hour. Indy and his friend Omar get kidnapped by slavers in Morocco, and they don’t sugarcoat it much. There isn’t anything an eight year-old kid can do to get out of this situation, and Indy hasn’t learned to be a resourceful hero-in-training yet. Fortunately, help is on the way, but this is mainly an hour to note that slavery was still common in Morocco in the early 20th Century. Omar is himself a slave, something else to note with some sobriety.

The episode was written by Jule Selbo, who had previously written five hours of the broadcast Young Indy, and I noted two guest stars I’d seen before, Kevin McNally and Rowena Cooper. Cooper had played the pathetic Mrs. Weldon in the 1987 TV adaptation of Have His Carcase and has such a lovely and distinctive voice that I think I’d recognize her with my eyes closed.