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Buck Rogers 1.15 – Happy Birthday, Buck

The high point of “Happy Birthday, Buck” is definitely seeing the awesome Tamara Dobson as one of the bad guys. She plays an accomplice to Peter MacLean’s main villain, who wants to kill Dr. Huer. MacLean was regularly seen on TV as a villain or heavy during this period. Dobson retired from acting after this. She only had two other credited roles, years later. At least I remember her from Jason of Star Command; our son has sadly forgotten her character completely. I guess I need to just put that show back on and let it run some afternoon and get his memory banks recharged.

Our son enjoyed the fights and the special effects, of course, but by far his favorite moment came when Dr. Huer is confronted with balloons, colorful hats, noisemakers, and other junk that the archives have suggested were used in 20th Century birthday parties. Tim O’Connor’s an absolutely perfect straight man in the scene, which had our son giggling loudly. When Twiki calls him a party pooper, he roared with laughter and was still chuckling “party pooper” under his breath five or six minutes later.


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