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Thunderbirds are Go 2.20 – The Man From TB5

We took a few weeks off from Thunderbirds are Go, but resumed tonight with an incredibly entertaining episode written by Paul Giacoppo. John gets pulled out of Thunderbird 5 for a night schmoozing and socializing, wearing a tuxedo custom-designed by Brains for spy missions, which everybody assures him this isn’t. John doesn’t do well with crowds.

Of course, it turns into a mission. Wouldn’t be Thunderbirds if it didn’t, really. There’s another evil scheme by the Hood, a completely terrific midair fight between Kayo and some criminals with jetpacks over an altogether ridiculous landscape, and Brains’ silly tux-gadgets, all of which, bizarrely, manage to come in handy. Huge fun from start to finish.


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Thunderbirds are Go 1.10 – Skyhook

First thing’s first: this episode is amazing. It’s one calamity after another, with several attempts at a mid-air rescue going spectacularly wrong, again and again. The resolution is jawdropping. It’s just so wild that I sat up, eyes very wide open. On the other arm of the sofa, my son was every bit entranced.

I’ve kind of hinted that Daniel really prefers the “machine mayhem” episodes to the character development ones. Once in a while, his dad does, too.

I’m not sure why this program seems to just chew up and spit out writers, who only seem to contribute one each, so far. This one’s written by Paul Giacoppo, who writes for lots of American kids’ superhero cartoons. I have not seen any of these programs (although my son does have most of Batman: The Brave and the Bold on DVD and I’m sure I will at some point soon), but based on what he came up with in this script, if I were producing any program that requires this kind of talent set, I would be backing a truckload of money into Giacoppo’s driveway for him to write as many installments as possible.


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