Stargate Atlantis 1.10 and 1.11 – The Storm and The Eye

When we met the Genii in episode eight, I was saying how I ended the episode hoping somebody would give Colm Meaney’s character a good knuckle sandwich. Compare to the Trust over in SG-1, who are just a bunch of faceless nobodies, really. Meaney will appear again next season, but this is the last appearance for Erin Chambers’ character, who will be referenced a few times in the future.

But we get a great new villain this time out. Robert Davi, a good actor who’d played heavies and mob bosses all through the eighties and nineties before taking a lead role as a hero in NBC’s Profiler for four years, is actually quite perfectly cast as Commander Kolya, who leads a Genii strike force to seize Atlantis while it is badly short-staffed. A massive hurricane, which seems to form every twenty-ish years, is bearing down on the city. Once upon a time, its citizens would just power up the shields, but they don’t have power for the shields anymore, so they evacuate.

Most of this is an incredibly entertaining cat-and-mouse game and it includes a terrific moment that our son loved: Sheppard interrupts the Genii’s plan to call in reinforcements with a very clever trick. It’s the sort of thing that’s guaranteed to make a baddie want a second shot at you. Kolya will return a few more times. You can’t keep a good archenemy down. In fact, you shouldn’t try.

Stargate Atlantis 1.8 – Underground

This episode introduces another recurring enemy for the series: a bunch of military greedheads called the Genii, who pose as a small colony of simple farmers, but who actually have a massive underground city and are on the verge of perfecting their first atomic bomb. I like the reveal. It reminds me of the reveal of the Silurian city at the end of the Doctor Who story “The Hungry Earth” a few years later. Later on, they’re creeping around a dormant Wraith ship whose crew is still in hibernation. That reminded me of “Follow That Dinosaur” from Land of the Lost!

Various Genii will become semi-regular pests in the days to come, and this installment introduces us to two, played by Erin Chambers and Colm Meaney. He’s yet another Star Trek cast member to make his way to Canada for this series, and he’s quite entertaining. I really don’t know much about Meaney, but he always struck me as so incredibly likeable before he played this character. Pretty sure most viewers will end this one wanting to slug him, which is how a good villain should make you feel.