Isis 2.4 – The Cheerleader

Daniel knew where this episode was headed early on. They’re really heavy-handed about cheating in these shows, aren’t they? This time out, a cheerleader pilfers the questions for the chemistry test and is really obnoxiously brazen about it, but our son knew that she shouldn’t be doing that.

The cheerleader was played by Laurette Spang, who’d later play Cassiopeia in the original Battlestar Galactica. I kind of felt like the episode’s director, Hollingsworth Morse, asked her to play it exactly like Maureen McCormick would have played an episode of The Brady Bunch where Marcia decides to cheat. The head of the cheerleading squad was played by Danil Thorppe, who would later have a recurring role as a detective in the very ’80s cop show Hunter.