The Hardy Boys 3.6 – Scorpion’s Sting

I thought this was a pretty neat moment: Jack Kelly playing a cop arresting Craig Stevens as an international criminal. Twenty years previously, they had been the stars of two hit series: Maverick and Peter Gunn. Shame these two vets didn’t get any dialogue scenes, but the series isn’t really about these old men, is it?

“Scorpion’s Sting” is easily the best of the third season stories that we have watched. Our son loved the climax, in which the Hardy Boys use a helicopter to keep a small private plane from taking off, and I enjoyed the location spotting. That same hotel that they used for the Hawaii episode in season one gets used again as Puerto Rico, and they even use the same stretch of beach where Joe nearly had a hang gliding accident in season two.

The Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries 2.9 – Acapulco Spies

Last year, we watched a MacGyver episode about hang gliding that our son enjoyed a whole lot more than I did, and history repeated itself tonight. “Acapulco Spies” is a pretty dry adventure in Mexico, with Craig Stevens as the villain, and I didn’t care for it, but our son was really fascinated by the scene where Joe goes hang gliding and some thunderously mean looking dude slices the back of his kite. Joe makes it to the ground safely, but the scene kept at least one member of the audience very, very worried.