MacGyver 5.10 – Two Times Trouble

A couple of nights ago, we watched a Young Indiana Jones story in which Indy learns about jazz, and our son was really, really unhappy with the music. He was much more satisfied with the late-80s rock used in tonight’s MacGyver, in which MacGyver looks up another old childhood friend, this one a successful singer. He asks her to join a Phoenix Foundation-sponsored Rock Against Drugs initiative, not knowing that somebody is trying to kill her.

Well, I didn’t like the music, which reminded me of something from Heart’s Bad Animals period, but the only other annoyance was a remarkable scene where a doctor at a Chicago-area psychiatric hospital just blabs all about his patient to MacGyver without a care in the world. Even accepting that this was before HIPAA, the guy acts like gossiping about his patients is what he really loves most about his job! Otherwise, this wasn’t bad. It’s got a welcome twist on the weary “old friend” trope and a very well-done scene where MacGyver and guest star Audrey Landers have to climb out of an elevator shaft. Plus, our son got to dance.