Legend 1.8 – Bone of Contention

We’ve been overdue a good dinosaur story. All right, so Dr. Science was a little unconvinced that an old tribe, several hundred years ago, assembled a great big dinosaur skeleton, upright, in a secret cave. But all credit to Legend‘s production team, the reveal is a really impressive one. Our heroes and their colleagues go sliding down an old trap door, Indiana Jones-style, into the cave. Our son enjoyed this whole adventure, but this was certainly his favorite moment.

It’s a fine episode, with lots to chew on and a good mystery about who killed a young paleontologist. There’s a great scene where, after breaking in to a business’s safe for the umpteenth time, Pratt and Bartok discuss plans to come up with better security systems, so that places like this can be protected from people like them. Regarding the cast, this one features the second and final appearance of Ana Auther as Henrietta. Beth Toussaint and regular TV tough-guy Patrick Kilpatrick also appear.

Legend 1.3 – Legend on His President’s Secret Service

Tonight’s episode of Legend has a delightful guest performance by Leah Lail, who plays Abigail Steele, the talks-all-the-time daughter of a former Confederate colonel who schemes to kidnap President Grant. This show’s principal flaw is the lack of a female lead. Lail would have been a fine addition to the cast. It does feature the first of two appearances by Ana Auther as one of the small town’s courtesans, Henrietta. Auther is gorgeous, and at least Pratt’s inability to actually find an opportunity, without interruption, to spend some time and money with Henrietta is really amusing. Having so little female presence does unconsciously reinforce the stereotype that westerns are all men’s work.

The best gag in the episode is one that literally brings the house down. Legend, Abigail, and Bartok are all attempting to eavesdrop on the conspirators using some steampunk amplifiers in an electric storm. Everything ends up backfiring and the whole side of the house comes down. I’d mentioned Wile E. Coyote last time, and this looks like another typical Looney Tunes moment – or something from a silent film comedy – in live action.

Our son adored it and found lots to giggle about and enjoy, especially Bartok’s new non-lethal weapon, which fires cannonballs of what the scientists name “ball lightning.” The balls don’t move as fast as the name implies, so sometimes our heroes may need to shove their targets into their path, which I thought was a nice touch.