Batwoman 1.2 – The Rabbit Hole

I’m pretty sure that we must be missing a really mammoth part of Alice’s “origin story.” Why the heck does she think that Kate and their father stopped looking for her? Where was she, spending the lion’s share of fifteen years thinking she had been abandoned, when all she had to do was find a cop and ask for help… unless somebody prevented her from getting any?

I mentioned the Mad Hatter last week, half-joking that it would be a delightful surprise twist to have that villain turn up. But what if he already had? What if Alice had been “rescued” by the Hatter and brainwashed? That would explain the Wonderland shtick, I suppose.

Favorite scene this week: Sophie telling Kate to move on. I think it’s been maybe five or six years since the military academy? Kate’s been carrying that torch way too long.

Batwoman 1.1 (pilot)

The consensus from the peanut gallery, based on the strength of the pilot, is that Batwoman needs to join our rotation. I figured we’d just sample it and see what it was like, but our son ended up enjoying this even more than the other Arrowverse shows that we’ve looked at. Marie liked it too, so we will keep it around for the time being.

I think my objections are principally cosmetic, but they’re pretty strong objections. I just don’t like the modern Gotham of the Christian Bale films and such, where the violence and bleak setting is so bad that nobody would willingly live there. I like a Gotham that’s a regular big city that attracts weird and colorful crime instead of darkness and urban horror. So this isn’t a program that I’m ever going to embrace, but given what they insist Gotham must be like these days, they did what they did in the pilot pretty well.

I like Ruby Rose a lot. This show wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without the believable brooding and body language that she brings to Kate Kane. Camrus Johnson is fun as Luke Fox (Lucius’s son?). I really like his and Kate’s rapport, and I’m going to enjoy watching Kate learn how to be a superhero. I’m not as sold on Dougray Scott, who plays her father (Martha Wayne’s brother?), but he’s a good actor with a pretty thankless part, and Gotham’s need for a private security army is another part of the cosmetics that I don’t like.

On the villain side, Rachel Skarsten, who had been one of the heroes in the WB’s Birds of Prey, is the ongoing Big Bad, a Wonderland-obsessed creep called Alice. I know the Arrowverse team has these things down to a science and that surprising family secrets are part and parcel of watching these DC superhero shows, but if they want to pull the rug out from under everybody and have Alice get killed in episode thirteen by the Mad Hatter for stealing his shtick, that’d have me punching the air. In the meantime, I hope they roll out some entertaining baddies from the comics and cartoons. We just saw Vincent Price in House on Haunted Hill the other day, so I’m in the mood for a Batwoman take on Egghead. But who would you cast….?