Stargate Atlantis 2.12 – Epiphany

Last night, we watched an Atlantis that felt a lot like a more satisfying rewrite of a six year-old episode of SG-1 called “A Hundred Days”. The end of this one, involving a small community of pilgrims hoping to become Ascended Beings en masse, felt incredibly bogus, but Sheppard doesn’t seem anywhere as resigned or as passive as O’Neill had been in the previous story. McKay even gets to snark about our hero going two for two with Ascended ladies, remembering the events of “Sanctuary” the previous year.

McKay is by far the best thing about this story, even while it’s meant to be focusing on Sheppard spending six months in a region cut off from the rest of its planet by a time dilation field while only a few hours pass for the rest of the universe. Our son really liked how McKay was forced to use a sensible contraption that Sheppard has given a stupid name – MALP on a Stick – and got a big laugh when McKay refers to Ronon and Teyla as “Conan and Xena.” Bizarrely, six years later, Jason Momoa got to play Conan in a movie I don’t know that I ever heard about before now.

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