Stargate Atlantis 2.6 – Trinity

Our kid figured correctly that he’d enjoy this episode. It begins with the discovery of dozens of wrecked ships in space, debris from a battle waged above a planet ten thousand years before. Beneath it is a superweapon that does not work correctly, a power source that could change everything, and all the fuel that Rodney McKay’s ego needs to start making terrible mistakes. Eventually the weapon starts firing again, but it can’t be shut down, and it ends with a big bang, satisfying our son completely.

Although this is the main plot of the episode, it’s by no means the more interesting of the two, which is curious because I don’t remember this installment at all. Obviously some things are going to fall out of my crowded and occasionally broken brain, like entire recurring characters in SG-1, to make room for critical things like all the random appearances by British character actors in ITC shows, but this story reveals a very important point about Ronon’s character that I got wrong when I wrote about him earlier this month. He’s not the last survivor of his planet, Sateda, although there’s one fewer before this episode ends. There are ex-military and civilians scattered around the Pegasus Galaxy, and at least one story down the line revolves around this in a major way.

I honestly didn’t remember a thing about any of the Satedans, which is just fine. It was extremely entertaining watching Ronon and Teyla’s subplot unfold and not have a clue where it was going. Just like the first time!


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