Doctor Who 10.8 – The Lie of the Land

“Your version of good is not absolute. It’s vain, arrogant, and sentimental.”

I am so glad that this confrontation between the Doctor and Missy is in this episode, because it is electric, and amazing, and absolutely brilliant in every way. It’s also the only thing about the hour I find in any way watchable.

I don’t feel like kicking it. The storyline began amazingly and it ended poorly, as Who often does. All of Toby Whithouse’s prior Who episodes were all really good and I won’t hold this one against him. I wish the ending wasn’t such a strange, nebulous, and bizarre cop-out. It’s like “Last of the Time Lords” in series three but somehow a little worse because Earth was successfully conquered and occupied by aliens for six months without a time reset and it’s never, ever mentioned again. I just feel that something this massive needs to have long-term effects instead of being shrugged off by a student with “appalling hair” and forgotten by the show as soon as the credits have rolled.

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