Stargate Atlantis 1.12 – The Defiant One

There’s a very cute bit of misdirection in this very fun episode of Atlantis. The heroes encounter these little light bugs who seem harmless enough, and later on, the chips are down and they’re in serious trouble with a Wraith who’s been hiding on this planet, hibernating and feeding on his own crew when their supplies ran out. The light bugs show up again, and suddenly they don’t just look like a resolution to the problem, they reminded us all of some very similar light bugs from back in SG-1‘s fourth season. Surely it wasn’t just us. Everybody was expecting these dots to turn into super-aggressive mosquitos and sting him to death, right? They don’t – there’s a much more explosive end in store for this jerk – but as our son put it, “I was expecting them to turn into a swarm of piranhas!”

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