The Saint 2.20 – The Lawless Lady

Several months ago, some wag on Twitter pointed out how the great Julian Glover has been in practically everything as a villain, and “this pest” has made enemies of the Doctor, Indiana Jones, the Rebel Alliance, and James Bond, among others (Jason King, the Avengers, etc.). For some reason, while our son gamely accepts his old man pointing out actors with good humor and a smile, he thinks the world of Glover because every casting director for the last sixty years has had his number for projects that he enjoys, and has labeled him “The Pest.” Even if he still can’t recognize him without a prompt. That is reserved only for Doctors, it seems. He also didn’t recognize Dawn Addams, who he saw in Danger Man just two weeks ago, so we shouldn’t be too surprised.

But our son’s oddball little Glover fandom – okay, the word’s a bit strong, but we’ll use it – led him to theorize that since Glover’s character from the legendary Doctor Who serial “City of Death” was splintered in time, there could be a version of Scaroth who is split across the multiverses. We were hiking a few months ago and he started putting together a Legion of Doom, of sorts, with some villains to battle his favorite heroes. And in his imagination, Lex Luthor and Davros and Megatron are right to call in Scaroth, because all his other selves have long experience battling all sorts of heroes throughout the multiverse. Glover’s character in this story actually comes close to winning a brawl with Simon Templar, which very few other villains on this show do.

Anyway, the kid enjoyed this one, in which Templar starts acting like his old, notorious gentleman thief self to get in with a gang of high-society criminals. There’s a little mystery about what’s going on to keep his attention, a funny bit where a butler gets locked in a closet, and it ends with a good scrap. It also features a brief appearance from Ivor Dean as the delightful, grouchy, and long-suffering Inspector Teal, “the bloodhound of Scotland Yard.” If we were digging deeper into this series, I’d be sure to pick a few more episodes with him, but as it is, I think we’ll see him just once more, later this month. We’ll also see Dawn Addams again, but after nine whole days, I’m not expecting him to recognize her.

2 thoughts on “The Saint 2.20 – The Lawless Lady

  1. I met Julian Glover at a sci-fi / comic book convention several years ago. It was a huge thrill because, as you say, he’s appeared in so many different roles over the decades. I think I even said something to him along the lines of “You’ve been in practically everything!”

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