Stargate Atlantis 1.10 and 1.11 – The Storm and The Eye

When we met the Genii in episode eight, I was saying how I ended the episode hoping somebody would give Colm Meaney’s character a good knuckle sandwich. Compare to the Trust over in SG-1, who are just a bunch of faceless nobodies, really. Meaney will appear again next season, but this is the last appearance for Erin Chambers’ character, who will be referenced a few times in the future.

But we get a great new villain this time out. Robert Davi, a good actor who’d played heavies and mob bosses all through the eighties and nineties before taking a lead role as a hero in NBC’s Profiler for four years, is actually quite perfectly cast as Commander Kolya, who leads a Genii strike force to seize Atlantis while it is badly short-staffed. A massive hurricane, which seems to form every twenty-ish years, is bearing down on the city. Once upon a time, its citizens would just power up the shields, but they don’t have power for the shields anymore, so they evacuate.

Most of this is an incredibly entertaining cat-and-mouse game and it includes a terrific moment that our son loved: Sheppard interrupts the Genii’s plan to call in reinforcements with a very clever trick. It’s the sort of thing that’s guaranteed to make a baddie want a second shot at you. Kolya will return a few more times. You can’t keep a good archenemy down. In fact, you shouldn’t try.

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