Stargate Atlantis 1.6 – Childhood’s End

Hee hee! I like Rodney McKay enormously, but I like seeing him get hoist on his own petard even more. So how do you punch a couple of holes in this immature, petulant blowhard? Saddle him with two children. “You have a real gift with the kids,” Ford says after McKay loses his patience. “You do birthday parties?”

Anyway, before we got started, I reminded our son of the world of Logan’s Run, and it turns out he has a surprisingly good memory for its details, even recalling that the people of that city killed themselves at age thirty. I told him to be on the lookout for comparisons in this adventure, and it doesn’t initially appear that there is one. This group of people is led – for now – by their eldest, played by Courtenay J. Stevens. Three seasons previously, he had played the doomed Lt. Elliot in three episodes of SG-1. They believe that the Wraith have left them alone for 500 years because they commit ritual sacrifice at 25, but there’s a surprising reason behind this population control that all of these kids have never known, and it’s not unlike the flawed reasoning that kept Logan’s city killing everybody.

Our son said he really liked the premise, but wasn’t really sold on the episode itself. I don’t agree; I think it’s really interesting and they made me believe these kids somehow sustain a small civilization. I appreciate that they added little bits to the dialogue here and there to give the world color, and explain how they’ve never mixed their family lines in twenty generations. I suppose you could argue the antagonist is annoyingly immature and petulant himself, but of course he is. He’s a kid.

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