Danger Man 1.24 – The Relaxed Informer

Duncan Lamont and Paul Maxwell are the guest stars in this interesting little story about stolen military secrets and, of all things, a cult. Drake learns that a translator at a NATO facility in West Germany is somehow involved in making recordings of conferences and top secret information. But the recordings are not the actual fed-to-the-conference live wire; they were made later. She spends her weekends with a little religious community where everybody’s on a first-name basis and the people practice humility, woodworking, marionettes, and the sort of 1960s super-hypnotism that ITC’s adventure heroes often had to deal with.

The kid had to come around to this one. He was briefly baffled by the archaic tech and the way the live translation worked, but it’s a good story and once Drake gets to do some snooping around and unpack some gadgets, it was more like the sort of thing he could follow and enjoy. It’s definitely a story that would have benefited from the hour-long format, though. This was kind of all plot and no character, and not enough time for a dead end or hunch that proved mistaken.

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