Danger Man 1.8 – The Lonely Chair

I know that you, dear reader, won’t find this as amusing as I do, but I have always enjoyed watching some of these TV series where I’ve just selected some episodes based on a guest star – MacGyver, The Twilight Zone – and then letting enough time pass for me to have no idea why I picked it, and we get to the climax and I find myself asking “So who’s gonna be playing the boss of these kidnappers?” Then Patrick Troughton shows up.

And my kid! My boy recognized him! He may not have known the famous faces in the last two Ray Bradbury Theaters that we had watched with a reminder practically on top of the show, but he said “The second Doctor?!” within seconds and I was so pleased. Then again, the Doctor probably stands right behind Garfield the cat as just about his favorite fictional character, so I shouldn’t be too ridiculous with praise.

Overall, he liked this a lot more than the previous episode that we saw. It’s Drake versus kidnappers instead of Drake convincing somebody to get some backbone and do the right thing. For a ten year-old viewer, this episode had some more meat on its bones.


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