Doctor Who 9.13 – The Husbands of River Song

What a curious coincidence. There was a “bigger boat” joke in last night’s episode of Atlantis as well as this.

Anyway, knowing that sometimes details elude our kid, a couple of days ago, I made sure to remind him about some of the details of River Song’s first/final appearance in Doctor Who, back in series four: the screwdriver, the new suit, the Singing Towers of Darillium. He assured me tonight that it was not necessary. With the cocksure swagger of a preteen, he eyerolled that he remembered all of River Song’s prior appearances “pretty well.”

He really enjoyed the beginning of this story, which really is extremely funny, but it wore a little less well with him as it went on, despite it all being remarkably satisfying. I think it’s absolutely wonderful from start to finish. I said once before that the bookends of River’s story are by far the best parts, and I stand by that. It wraps everything up beautifully. I know that some people – not the least of whom is Alex Kingston herself – have said they’d like River to meet Jodie’s Doctor. If this wasn’t such a perfect ending, I might agree. Is this one of my favorite Who installments ever? It’s possibly in the top ten.

Also of big note here: the Doctor meets Nardole! I made sure to point out that I think Matt Lucas is a comic genius. His reactions during the opening scene here as the Doctor keeps crossing his arms – violating some royal protocol or other – are completely brilliant. Nardole is so great. He’s one of my favorite of all the show’s companions.

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