Stargate Atlantis 1.3 – Hide and Seek

Before we got started with this episode, we paused on the opening establishing shot of the gigantic city while waiting for Mom to join us. Our son’s excitement just bubbled over again. “I would love to explore that place,” he said. I said I didn’t know, I kind of like having some mountains around, but we thought about the size and the scope. According to the Stargate Wiki, the central control tower is thought to be seventy stories tall. That leaves several dozen buildings of at least forty floors, and dozens more that are smaller, along with alleys, catacombs, warehouses, and so on. I suggested that we couldn’t begin to guess what they’d find, or how long it would take to thoroughly explore the place.

This one, which takes place just “a couple of days” after they arrived, starts with a bang. McKay finds a personal protection device. He can’t switch it off, meaning he can’t eat or drink anything. Ancient tech can be dangerous.

The other thing they find is a strange entity that looks like creeping darkness and was in a containment device for several centuries. It’s been waiting to eat or drink something for a lot longer than McKay has. I think this was a very well-timed adventure because it lets the characters, who are getting to know and trust each other, explore the area while also learning about Earth’s and Athos’s cultures. Turns out telling a group of refugee children the plot of a Friday the 13th film as a spooky story is a little less effective when they don’t know what a hockey mask is. Mostly a very good episode, but the gags about only Canadians liking hockey were kind of weak, writers. Kind of weak. Maybe they were just poking at Richard Dean Anderson, whose love for hockey is legendary.

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