Stargate SG-1 7.9 – Avenger 2.0

Tonight’s episode is a follow-up to the delightful “Other Guys” from season six. It’s set mostly in the base, and most of the regular cast other than Tapping and Davis have very small appearances. Patrick McKenna is back as the big dreamer Dr. Felger. Unfortunately, Coombs isn’t with him for this one, but it’s an amusing premise: Felger’s theory that he can send a virus to knock out Stargates on other planets has a very unexpected side effect: the gates transmit the new information to each other, and, within hours, the entire network – apart from Earth – has been shut down.

While it’s not as funny as “The Other Guys,” there’s still a lot to like here. O’Neill isn’t in this episode much, but he manages to be entertainingly rude to Felger in each of his scenes, and you can’t help but root for the poor guy. He may not have a lick of common sense and writes a lot of checks that he can’t cash, but he really does try. This would sadly be Felger’s last appearance, which meant that we never got the chance to see him get on Rodney McKay’s bad side in Atlantis. That could have been hilarious.

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