Stargate SG-1 7.6 – Lifeboat

“Lifeboat” is a fine example of the way that the demands and requirements of an action-adventure teevee show sometimes get in the way of the good stuff. The sci-fi material is interesting, even if it seems like it was all designed to give Michael Shanks a lot more to chew on than he usually got to do on this series, and I think it’s another fine example of a continuity-free hour from this period of the program. But I’m so much more interested in what happened next. Like the previous episode, it ends with a massive refugee crisis that Stargate Command will get to sort out, and it suddenly struck me that everything that follows the end credits would be incredibly interesting to see.

Somewhere around a thousand survivors of this ark ship are going to wake up from cryosleep to learn the ship crashed, they’re nowhere near where they were meant to go, and Earth’s got to find a new planet for them to start over with extremely limited resources. How do they decide on a new planet? Does Earth help with food and supplies and building material? Do we get to have a new treaty with the government that takes over after their sovereign meets his weird fate? I bet there’s a fun story there, albeit not necessarily one that would work in a conventional TV hour. It’d be a much more interesting frame story for the next clip show than what they usually come up with, though!

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