Stargate SG-1 7.5 – Revisions

This episode’s guest star is a remarkably interesting location: the shuttered Fantasy Garden World park, a quasi-medieval village underneath a castle. It was mostly closed down by the early 2000s and its few rides removed, and was occasionally used as a filming location for Vancouver-based TV series and, I understand, some music videos. Remarkably, this was the first time that Stargate ever found a reason to use this site, but Atlantis would stop by once or twice a bit later on. Visually, the hour is a complete treat, since the director found all sorts of reasons to keep the camera moving around and through the twisty little avenues and streets.

Storywise, it’s also really entertaining. The little town is in a biodome in an otherwise hostile environment. A few centuries previously, the residents retreated into this protected world as the rest of their planet became toxic. Fortunately, it’s just half an hour’s walk – with a hazmat suit – from the Stargate, otherwise things would have gone very differently. The thousand-plus residents are all connected by a “link” they wear on their faces to a central computer, but it looks like the computer can make changes to the population’s needs without letting anybody know what it’s up to. I wouldn’t say the story is radically original or weird, but it does present our heroes with an extremely interesting problem: how can they convince the residents that there is a problem when the computer can wipe their memories of any reason to think a problem exists? It’s a genuinely well-done hour, and a nice break from all the ongoing continuity that informs most of the episodes at this point in the show.

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