Doctor Who 8.13 – Last Christmas

Well, I take back one thing that I said about the previous episode, which I really, really didn’t like. It, and the next episode, establishes that the Master continues to be very aware of Earth’s popular culture and knows Toni Basil’s hit from the early 1980s, “Mickey.” This episode establishes that the Doctor had no idea that there was a film called Alien. “There’s a horror movie called Alien? That’s really offensive. No wonder everyone keeps invading you.” This is so perfectly in character for both of them. It’s also such an incredibly funny line that I’d call this one a winner even if it wasn’t.

I think this was a very well-timed episode, because our son was talking about dreams from which you could not wake just a couple of weeks ago, and that’s the plot of this one. He enjoyed it a lot, and his favorite scene might be Santa Claus’s big explosive entrance, with a group of slinkies, followed by a small army of wind-up robots, clearing the way. I’ve always enjoyed it and think it’s only improved with time.

There’s also a neat little hat tip to a real-world production decision in the eighties. “Last Christmas” is Samuel Anderson’s final appearance as Danny Pink, as a dream after the character died, and he was not credited in advance publicity to keep the surprise. Back in episode two of “Time-Flight” in 1982, Matthew Waterhouse made a final appearance as Adric, as a dream after the character died, but he was actually credited in advance publicity to keep the surprise of his death in the previous story.

That’s all from Doctor Who for now, but we’ll resume the show in early July. Posts here will be a little thin for a few weeks, as I’m only going to write about every other Worzel Gummidge and it’ll just be that show and Stargate through June. We’ll start the three-series rotation again after we finish Worzel. Stay tuned!

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