Doctor Who 8.9 – Flatline

So last time I was saying how much I enjoyed Jamie Mathieson’s “Mummy on the Orient Express”, and knock me over with a feather, but “Flatline” is even better. It’s completely full of wild and weird ideas, and it pitches these idea so perfectly at the younger members of the audience. The kid was absolutely howling at the Doctor’s strange predicament – beings from a two-dimensional universe, exploring ours, have sucked away the exterior dimensions of the TARDIS – and the scene is done so well that it’s almost like the director and editor knew the precise second for the Doctor to yell about this not being funny to shush the viewers.

Later, of course, the Doctor does his impression of Thing from The Addams Family and the kid was in stitches again.

It’s such a splendid story, and executed incredibly well, with the 2-D monsters being completely horrific and alien. Much of it is set in the tunnels of a railway beneath Bristol, making a nice callback to another Doctor’s similar trip to London’s Underground. This episode introduces Joivan Wade as Rigsy. He returns in season nine, and he’s only in two episodes, but they’re both huge favorites. I could watch this episode night after night. The show hasn’t been this consistently terrific since series five.

And hey! The next episode is written by Frank Cottrell Boyce! He wrote 24 Hour Party People! I love that movie! I bet his Doctor Who story is going to be fabulous!

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