Stargate SG-1 6.22 – Full Circle

Apt name. “Full Circle” sees the team going back to the planet Abydos, site of the original film, for a final time, to finish out the season. This week, Anubis, the most powerful of the current crop of baddies, has set his sights on a Macguffin that Ra, that first villain from that first film, left behind. And so there’s more to learn about Anubis and the ascended beings and more shootouts in the desert. Vince Crestejo makes another small appearance this week as Yu the Great rallies some of the remaining villains to defeat Anubis, but they’re too late. Our son enjoyed this one a whole lot, but his biggest smile probably came from seeing that credit, “Yu the Great,” in the end titles.

As I mentioned when we first started dealing with Oma Desala and the ascended types three seasons previously, the rules for the higher planes of existence are really arbitrary. There’s supposed to be a general rule against intervention, which Oma keeps breaking, slyly, and which Daniel’s ready to start breaking as well. We’ve seen him bend the rules a couple of times this season, to give Michael Shanks a little screen time, but in this story, he makes a deal with Anubis to spare everybody on the planet below. Anubis decides against keeping his end of the bargain and Daniel is about to finally use his powers to just flat out wipe the villain from existence… and then those arbitrary rules kick in.

It looks like Oma Desala has the moxie among her crew to be the one to decide who ascends and who just dies, but she doesn’t like anybody she does bring to their plane to draw attention to themselves by wiping villains from existence. It’s more important for her to save the entire planet’s population from Anubis – in fairness, lots of these planets have extremely small populations, but still – than it is for Daniel to strike him down. Anubis and his forces are going to rack up a mighty body count over the next two seasons. Is Oma going to save all of the innocents he’s yet to kill? Gods work in arbitrary ways.

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