Doctor Who 8.6 – The Caretaker

“The Caretaker” has a few clever little similarities with season five’s “The Lodger” – Gareth Roberts had written that and he co-wrote this with Steven Moffat – but this one’s mainly about Danny meeting the Doctor and learning about Clara’s time away from Earth. Actually, what it’s mainly about is the Doctor being an almost unbearable jerk. I think sometimes we like this a lot because the Doctor often gets to be far more bad-tempered and angry we’re allowed to. Sometimes, like Pertwee’s Doctor in his first two seasons especially, our hero gets to bellow at everybody who gets in his way.

But this time out, it’s really entertaining to see the Doctor be so incredibly narrow-minded and prejudiced and then get hauled up on it. Danny shoves back harder than the Doctor does. He goes straight for our hero’s “aristocratic” accent, and the instant he susses that the Doctor has a hate-on for soldiers, he starts saluting and calling him “sir.” So yeah, there’s a fun story about an odd-looking and unlikely robot threat, but I like this one because I like seeing the Doctor figure he can get away with being a superior jerk and learn the rough way that this time he was wrong.

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