Firefly 1.12 – The Message

I told our son that if he ever watches any grown-up TV from about 1993 to the present, he’ll bump into Richard Burgi, who makes a memorable appearance here as a bent Alliance cop. He’s always playing heavies, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that he seems equally at home in soap operas as in direct-to-video beat-em-ups. 112 episodes of General Hospital! What an amazing career he’s had.

We also told our son that if he ever decides to go to cons, he’s probably going to see people wearing Jayne’s hat. Well, maybe and maybe not, times and fandoms and fashions change, but for at least a decade after Firefly was cancelled, the delightful, silly, and just a bit ridiculous hat was the fashion statement of everybody who knew how to order from an Etsy seller. Though I think that people with limited patience for Browncoats might agree with Richard Burgi’s character’s final word on the matter: “That hat makes you look like an idiot.”

Anyway, “The Message” was directed and co-written by Tim Minear, and it’s a great, great story that begins with Zoe and Mal receiving the body of one of their war buddies in the mail, and ends with Nathan Fillion acting the absolute hell out of the climax. Even without Burgi or the hat, this one would be one of my favorites.

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