Stargate SG-1 6.18 – Forsaken

We watched episode 17, a clip show, last week, but I didn’t feel like writing about it. Normally we leave the clip shows on the shelf, but this one had an interesting frame story where the US and Russia let China, France, and the UK know about the Stargate and everything that’s happened so far, and they brought in Ronny Cox to make it all seem more important, and possibly a teeny bit more expensive, than your ordinary clip show.

Episode 18 is back on location with special effects and gunfire and a new alien race. Strangely, they do extremely little with the Serrakin after designing them. Maybe they realized that, despite all the hard work the designers and makeup people put into their idea, that they just looked more like Star Trek than Stargate. The story’s a pretty basic one about not judging by appearances, but it drops in some interesting backstory that’s never really developed like it could have been, and the Serrakin never become the allies against the Goa’uld that they could have. I enjoyed seeing Jonas stay a couple of steps ahead of their opponents. His character hasn’t really been used that well in recent episodes, so this was overdue.

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