Firefly 1.8 – Out of Gas

“Everybody dies alone.”

Sadly, the kid absolutely hated this one. We weren’t surprised; it’s a very heavy episode for such an otherwise light series. We see the ship floating dead in space, we see its corridors and rooms abandoned, and we see Mal crash to the floor of the cargo bay, bleeding from a wound in his stomach.

Tim Minear’s script is possibly my favorite of the show’s run. Going back and putting this nightmare puzzle together is unbearably tense in places. I think it’s an absolute jewel, and everybody involved should be proud of it.

The kid got the treat of our first trip to a movie theater in more than a year earlier today. We watched Godzilla vs. Kong and he pronounced it “probably the greatest movie I’ve ever seen.” It probably was a bit of whiplash going from a lighthearted crowdpleaser like that to a downbeat event like this, and that didn’t occur to me. Probably should have swapped the blog running order and followed the monster movie with something more fun; as it is, he went to bed very, very grouchily.

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