Stargate SG-1 6.14 – Smoke and Mirrors

This is another Anderson-lite episode. I thought about using an illustration from the very end, with O’Neill in dress uniform forced to shake hands with his nemesis, Ronny Cox’s Senator Kinsey, but really this is another conspiracy story with everybody driving around Vancouver neighborhoods looking for a committee of assassins and international CEOs that’s using some alien tech that was introduced three seasons previously, in “Foothold”.

It’s a good adventure, but it suffers in the same way that The X Files suffered whenever it got too involved with the weird and sinister conspiracy of multinational greedheads. There’s something about the idea of these kinds of broadly-drawn caricatures of capitalism suddenly going off the radar to meet in dark rooms to talk about their evil plans that is even more fanciful than having alien parasite-beings in colorful costumes having similar meetings on distant space stations.

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