Stargate SG-1 6.11 – Prometheus

Over dinner, we talked about suspension of disbelief and leaps of faith. That’s because in tonight’s episode, we learn that the Stargate Program, which has so far developed two failed fighter jets that have been jerry-rigged, poorly, for prototype space travel, has had much greater success building a whacking big space battleship / star destroyer thing. They try smoothing this over with some dialogue that explains this has actually been in the works for a quarter-century and only sped up thanks to the alien tech that Earth now has, but it’s still incredibly, massively unlikely, and you just have to go with it because this series and Atlantis are going to lean a lot on this USS Enterprise business going forward.

Well, I may wish that they waited a little longer – like, another quarter-century of development time – before introducing this kind of massive change to the narrative, but I don’t think you can fault the actual production, which isn’t bad at all. The only thing I think was disappointing was that they kind of unceremoniously killed off John de Lancie’s entertaining recurring character when I wish that they did a lot more with him. It’s got lots of Major Carter being incredibly resourceful and it’s very nicely directed, and General Hammond gets the sort of national security-protecting moment that makes him a villain in my “truth is out there” eyes but a hero to this world, which is always at least a little amusing.

The kid was incredibly pleased. Earth has a big spaceship now! What’s not to like?

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